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Bring Your Vision Of A Condo Hotel To Life

You've probably heard all the buzz about condo hotels. And maybe you're thinking it's a concept that could work for you.

Perhaps you have your eye on a specific piece of land or you already possess a promising location. Or, maybe you have an existing hotel or resort, and a condo hotel conversion could provide you with the profits and cash flow you've been seeking.

But how do you bring your vision to life? What are the right components of a successful condo hotel project? Do you need a feasibility study? What are the legal issues? Where do you go for financing? Most importantly, how do you create a condo hotel that will deliver what it promises to investors and guests?

Condo Hotel Sales & Marketing, LLC is the solution. As an experienced team of condo hotel experts, we can guide you from initial concept through the various stages of development of your condo hotel. We know the process. We know what works.

With the marketing power of our sister company, Condo Hotel Center, behind us, we have the ability to help you create the property of your dreams, promote it successfully and maximize your profit potential. Among the many services we provide are:

Sales & Marketing

  • Provide an in-depth sales and marketing plan
  • Develop pricing strategies
  • Identify the target market and create a customized selling plan
  • Hand-select and train the sales team
  • Analyze and monitor all sales
  • Formulate a comprehensive budget
  • Ensure SEC compliance throughout the sales process
  • Oversee execution of the marketing plan, including advertising and PR
  • Institute an inventory-control procedure
  • Develop a co-broker program - Implement international marketing where appropriate

Property Preparation and Enhancement

  • Make property recommendations
  • Assist in selecting a flag and branding
  • Oversee the opening and maintenance of the sales center
  • Make recommendations for decorated sales models
  • Evaluate management companies and programs
  • Consult with legal counsel to prepare condominium documents
  • Assist in the selection of preferred lenders
  • Recommend necessary hardware and software

If you've been contemplating the development of a condo hotel, now is the time to act. The condo hotel concept is hot. Demand currently exceeds supply. The potential for success is great.

Contact us today via phone or e-mail to discuss your condo hotel project. You'll get a quick assessment of your project and initial recommendations on how to proceed. There is no cost, no obligation to talk with us.

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